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A good tool for a complex industry

Construction industry belongs to this category. There are many different tariffs, different local agreements in different districts, and different types of payments - all of them must be registered and spread over many projects. One of the things that was crucial for our choice of Unit4 Time management was its flexibility and user-friendliness.

The challenge

In the past, they used manual timesheets which had to be delivered by the employees either physically or by email after being scanned; in addition, these sheets had to be manually punched. It was time consuming and also it was difficult to determine whether or not everything was recorded correctly.

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  • Number of employees: 850
  • Large company with headquarters in Kristiansand. It works on construction throughout the country, but mainly in the Trondheim region.
  • They use Unit4 Time Management for registration of working hours, which constitutes the basis for payment to their wage earners.
  • They started using the system in 2008.


User friendly system

This is a simple and intuitive system that gives employees the opportunity to relate, among other things, to tariffs and payroll categories depending on the project types.

Menneskehode med en lyspære

The new system allows an overview of everything, and it can register every hour no matter where that particular hour in the flow. This system can compare, remind and check against self-reports and medical certificates

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High efficiency

Now they have only two people who administer salaries / wages for the entire Group, and they are more efficient than other contractors.

tre hender som holder over hverandre med prikkete linjer rundt

We compared our achievements with those of other contractors, and realised that our work was more efficient. This is, to a big extent, due to Unit4 Time Management. We focus on digitisation and, in addition to streamlining time registration, we have also streamlined our other systems.

Hedda Hildeng

Payroll Manager - Kruse Smith

How did Unit4 T&E help the company?

  • This new system provides a good overview of who has already submitted his/her timesheet, who has prepared but not yet submitted it, and who has not yet started the preparation of their submission.

  • Thanks to this new system, their employees have less manual work. While previously they had to record their working time manually on paper, now they can easily and quickly do this straight within the system.

  • Simple computer functions have been set up for alerting those who have not yet submitted their timesheets.

  • The team module allows one person to keep timesheets of many employees in one place.

  • Timesheets are the basis for payment to most employees of Kruse Smith. Unit4 T&E provides a good basis for efficient and effective control of the timesheets - both by the project manager and by the payroll department. 

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