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Get to know the Unit4 T&E customer centre

Your choice of software solution will have long-term effects on your processes and organisation. You can trust that we have the right expertise to take advantage of all the benefits.

Unit4 T&E customer centre includes support, training and consulting services for Unit4 Time & Expenses

Implementation services

Consultants who take responsibility for delivering comprehensive Unit4 T&E solutions.

Consulting services

The knowledge to optimize the system and its processes. 

Sirkel med pil i

The guide that will help you get more out of your IT investment. 

Hånd med grafer

Information and help to maintain a well-functioning solution. 

Verktøy med tannhjul rundt

We work to ensure that our customers are as efficient as possible and that they take full advantage of the benefits received by using our products.

    Implementation services

    Unit4 software is designed for fast and "painless" implementation, to get started quickly with minimal strain on  the company and its employees. We use proven and established methods based on internationally accepted standards to ensure that each project is well planned, predictable and easy to understand, and that end users can acquire all the knowledge and expertise required to achieve full control and mastery of their solutions.

    Consulting services

    Our consulting department ensures that customers' needs are identified and all the necessary care taken to guarantee the project implementation and support.

    Our consultants have extensive experience. All projects are handled by skilled professionals with high competence and extensive experience in the relevant functional areas.

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    Course and training

    Our motto is that a competent customer is a satisfied customer. Therefore, we require that each of our new customers has at least one participant in the super user course, which we conduct in order to facilitate the introduction of our products. But we also offer a number of other courses and training sessions that make it easy for our customers to provide their new and existing employees with up-to-date knowledge.

    If you have questions regarding courses or training sessions, you can contact the course department by phone +47 400 06 744 or by emailing to [email protected]


    The face of our customer centre is the support department. Here our colleagues receive customers' inquiries via our portal, telephone or email. Our main goal is to ensure compliance with SLA (Service Level Agreement), and give our customers a good user experience.

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