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The core competence ensures satisfaction of employees

We offer a number of courses that cover both the technical and practical needs of all users of our software

Our motto is that a competent customer is a satisfied customer.

Therefore, we require that each of our new customers has at least one participant in the super user course, which we conduct in order to facilitate the introduction of our products. But we also offer a number of other courses and training sessions that make it easy for our customers to provide their new and existing employees with up-to-date knowledge.

Open courses

Here, participants meet users from other companies and learn from others' experiences. These courses will be especially ideal for new employees of your company, or for those existing employees who are moving to new roles or using new modules.

Super user course for Unit4 Time Management [lenke]
Super user course for Unit4 Travel & Expenses [lenke]



This is a cost-effective training alternative, which is easier to organise than traditional teaching.

The more users you have, the more profitable your investment in e-learning will be - especially if the users are geographically dispersed.

The content of e-learning can be based on the users' own choices and working methods, or they can choose a standard e-learning course, where the e-learning is based on a standard user interface and a more common working method.

Analyserapporter for Unit4 Time Management
Analyserapporter for Unit4 Travel & Expenses

The instructor was well prepared for our setup, and challenged us with questions.


In-house super user course, 2020

Internal corporate courses

They are suitable for new customers, customers who use new modules, new functionality or have more employees who will benefit from the training. 

In-house super user courses are well suited for new customers, customers who use new modules, new functionality or have more employees who will benefit from the training. Here we like to use examples and tasks based on the customers' own routines and work processing methods.

Courses aimed at managers and supervisors are often shorter courses that can be run both at the customer's premises and as webinars via the Internet. Examples of such courses are shorter training sessions that can be carried out as 'lunch-and-learn' sessions.

Do you want an internal course conducted in your company or you have other suggestions?

Contact the course department by telephone +47 400 06 744 or by emailing to [email protected] 



The course went at a suitable pace, the instructor was calm and pleasant, and demonstrated control over the information presented.


Super user course Unit4 Travel & Expenses 2020

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