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Focuses on full digitzation

- Less maintenance, a cloud-based system because the system is cloud-based, and that travel financial documents or invoices, in their entirety, can be completed on the mobile phone, are some of the reasons why we chose Unit4 Travel & Expenses.

The challenge

Previously they had a system that required many setups and changes, and there were different dates for effecting different processes. This led to a lot of maintenance and the chances of making mistakes were abundant.


Logo Elverum kommune
  • Public sector
  • About 2000 employees
  • The new solution was put to use at the beginning of June 2020
  • They use the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system UBW (Unit4 Business World)


Time saving

In the past, there were many shortcomings, and they spent a lot of time correcting errors and sending documents back and forward. Nowadays, they don't have to deal with vouchers, among other things.


Proper flow

Based on the basic layout in UBW, the cost calculations go to the correct process flow and to the correct manager.


Cloud-based system

The new system is flexible both for the wage workers and for the end user. It is now simpler and easier to send documents in both directions to get them right.

sky på clipboard

In the old system, we had to forward documents and receipts by the internal mail. But now the bills and receipts are sent just by pressing a button on the mobile phone: after that, everything goes smoothly through the electronic flow, and this means that we save a lot of time. This development is also very positive for the end user.

Odd-Arne Moe

System Manager Unit4 Business World - Elverum municipality

How did Unit4 T&E help the company?

  • They run a functional workshop to discuss how Unit4 Travel & Expenses should be configured to meet Elverum municipality's requirements.

  • By using Unit4 methodology and a well-developed handbook, all decisions were documented for their best possible implementation.

  • Conducted online superuser courses were tailored to the needs of the company’s employees.

  • We ensured a very good workflow and we followed the project plan, so that everything went according to the plan.

  • Working together with TietoEVRY , we managed to deliver the project on time.

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