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Have taken control of their time trough digitazation

By using Unit4 Travel & Expenses, On & Offshore Services have professionalised and streamlined their work processes both internally and externally.

The challenge

For On & Offshore Services, the preparation and submission of invoices for our travel and other expenses were a big chore, because we wasted a lot of time and efforts handling our paper invoices and keeping piles of crumpled receipts. In addition, we wished them to look more professional.

Logo On & Offshore Services
  • Their core market includes all activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
  • Categories of professionals - from operators to supervisors and project managers
  • The company was established in 2003
  • Number of employees: 116


High efficiency

Has put in place a customised system that is simple and intuitive, and that streamlines the work process.

tre hender som holder over hverandre med prikker rundt

Updated system

The system is adapted to the company’s use, and is also updated to taxes and fees.



Their documentation now is more orderly and clearer, so that customers perceive On & Offshore Services as a more professional entity.

Hode med lyspære i

The reason we chose Unit4 T&E was that they had the best system. We could adapt their system to our operations and needs. In addition, we have had a very good dialogue with the consultants who gave us an insight into the functional features of this system.

Rune Thorsen

Payroll Manager - On & Offshore Services

How did Unit4 T&E help the company?

  • Helped streamlining their work, so that they now use less administrative resources.

  • Helped the company becoming more competitive by making On & Offshore Services to be perceived as a truly professional company. 

  • Unit4 T&E gave them the opportunity to adapt the system to their needs. 

  • Due to good dialogue with our consultants, On & Offshore Services also achieved time saving in implementation phase.  

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